Welcome to the Lifestyle Knee Program

Welcome to the Lifestyle Knee Program!

We are so grateful that you have chosen to join us on the Lifestyle Knee Program. We are privileged to be able to work with and witness thousands of people just like you achieve things they never thought possible by following the Knee Program at MTP Health We can't wait to see you experience these benefits for yourself!

We named this program "Lifestyle" because it is designed to directly impact on your ability to live the life that you want. By improving your overall strength, movement quality and general function we aim to make sure that nothing you chose to do is a struggle for you any longer. For those of you that have completed our "Longevity Program" this is a step up. In Longevity we focused on building your endurance, stability and reactive control so you can move more easily and set yourself up for good health in the future. In Lifestyle we want to build upon these qualities to get you ready to participate in more intense activities and hobbies (e.g. walking, running, sports, hiking).

At this stage of your rehab journey it is all about consistency and testing your overall capacity. We will look to solidify the basics that you have already mastered while helping you test your control and overall movement capabilities more than ever before. The aim of all of this will be to get you to doing what you love most ASAP.

So let's get started, directly below you will find instructions on what you need to do to get the most out of the program. Read through to the bottom if you want to learn how you can make the most of this program. Everything is laid out so you will easily be able to navigate on your own. Should you want to skip ahead & get started immediately, then that is absolutely fine!

What To Expect

The Online Knee Program consists of 12 weeks of complete programming to lay the foundations for your best movement. Each week will get progressively more difficult, by adding more exercises into the program.

For best results, we would like for you to perform the workout for the week on roughly every second day to ensure enough frequency and consistent practice (Aim for 4 days out of the week, so you will need to double up once).

We also strongly encourage you to perform the pre-assessment so you can identify how functionally capable you are at the beginning of the program. Be sure to note how you feel, as well as giving yourself a score /9.

Don't force yourself to do things you aren't comfortable with, we want you to feel good and be able to participate again the next day. The most important thing is that we build the habit of movement.

Why The Knee Program Is Different

The Knee Program goes beyond the conventional treatment methods for Knee Pain. The biggest things that sets us apart at MTP Health is our ability to ask why. Where most forms of rehab simply treat the injury in front of them, we like to take a more comprehensive approach. That means that we look at the whole person in front of us aiming to address precisely what it is that is causing the pain. Instead of just relieving pain in the short term, we aim to build a more functional and resilient body so that we can avoid further problems entirely, getting us back to living our best lives.

5 Pillars of Knee Health

The 5 pillars outlined above indicate the key areas that your program will be made up of. Each of these areas are essential toward improving your overall knee health. Initially, there will be a significantly greater activation & patterning component, as we build up your function over time. These parts are the most crucial to get right in the beginning, as they have the biggest impact on improving function. As we progress through we will begin to layer more strength work, so we can improve upon the functional movement patterns we have created, allowing your knees to become more resilient.

The Primary Functional Causes Of Knee Pain

  1. Lack of movement awareness
  2. Muscular de-conditioning
  3. Poor muscular strength
  4. Compromised movement patterns
  5. Reduced power production

Because all of these things are functionally related, we only use pain as a guide for your progressions. The main aim of the program is to improve your function. Once we do this, we know that your pain will decrease, as you body will be better equiped to deal with the demands it faces during daily life.

How To Get The Most Out Of The Online Knee Program

  1. Print off your weekly workout guide at the start the week.
  2. Place this guide somewhere you will see it each and every day (the fridge or bathroom mirror is a couple of our personal favourites).
  3. Set a reminder in your calendar & phone as to when you are going to do the program & commit to this (Keep in mind, if it's not booked into your calendar as something you're going to do, then it's not real).
  4. Before your session, watch the videos in the relevant week to be sure you're across how to do things.
  5. Focus on mastery and perfect practice with every exercise that you perform. Because this is a function based program, a large part of the results you will experience will be due to improved movement quality. The only way to improve your movement is to do things well, so that your body learns how to move in different ways than usual.
  6. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us on any of our platforms @mtphealth

Your New Life

This is the start of your journey towards a lifetime of pain free knees. 4 weeks from now, you will have built your function to a level that will allow you to avoid the frequent knee pain you experience, so that you can start doing the things you love. You can expect to gain a greater understanding of how to move in order to minimise the pain that you experience, while understanding how to manage your condition for good. You can also expect to challenge yourself and how you are moving. This program is designed to get you were you want to be.

Keep in mind this module is designed to set you up to be able to do what you really want with your knees! We must first get you moving well so that you can then reach new heights. Fortunately, this program represents the absolute best way to do this.

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